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Social-Media Made Easy

Setting up a new Twitter account is confusing and time-consuming.  There are endless setup screens, photo uploads and settings to tweak.  And once that's done, you have to start generating content and finding people to engage with! It's a full time job.  Qureet.com gets you productive on Social Media with zero effort upfront.

Sell Your Service Online

Qureet starts by learning what products and services you sell to customers.  It then does the heavy-lifting on social-media, by finding you people online who already need your products.  All you have to do is contact them with details of how you can help.  Sound simple? That's because it is.

Three Easy Steps

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Twitter is then monitored 24x7.  New customers are sent to you as alerts the moment they are active on Twitter!

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Qureet also offers services for Lead Generation and Stock-Market News.

Qureet is Multi-Lingual
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