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Get social leads in a daily email. Connect with prospective customers talking about products like yours.


Real-Time Lead Emails

  • Get Email Alerts the moment new Leads are found.  Spend your precious time building valuable relationships with new prospects ... instead of hunting for them every day.
  • Qureet is an advanced Lead-Generation service for your business.  It does the heavy-lifting of advanced Twitter data-mining for you.
  • Powerful Social-Media Monitoring saves hours of your time each day.  Here's Why:
    • Monitoring Twitter for people who can benefit from your product is a huge time-sink.
    • Keyword-Search on Twitter is very limited.
    • Language complexity leads to irrelevant and incomplete search results.
    • You're wasting hours each week sifting through lists of noisy tweets.
    • Worse still, you're missing opportunities to connect with strong prospects every day.

Find Prospects ...

... who are still early in their selection process for a tool like yours. They're expressing direct intent on Twitter. By listening in, you can connect straight away and start building a relationship.  This drives targeted traffic to your site's landing page.

  • Remember, these people are all:

    • Directly Looking For A Solution Like Yours.

    • Discussing A Pain-Point Your Product Solves.

    • Seeking Alternatives To Your Competitors.

    • Sharing Insights Key To Understanding Customers.

  • Qureet saves you valuable time every day:

    • No repeat tweets or spam.

    • No promotional tweets from competitors.

    • No irrelevant tweets.

Three Easy Steps

1) Sign in via Twitter

2) Add an email address

3) Email product keywords to qureet@gmail.com

Twitter is then monitored 24x7.  

Your most valuable leads will be delivered to you as Alert Emails as soon as they are found.  Be the first to respond!

Get a summary of your new prospects in a simple digest email each morning.

Customize your digests at any time by simply responding to any email with your comments and requirements.

Qureet is Multi-Lingual
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