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13:08 on 04/07/2022

Boris Bezdar 🟣 @Bezdarbor (30 followers)

I've finally reached a point in social media management, where when I see some tweet about some bullshit drama I never heard about, I'm no more comment-diving in search of context.
Simply don't care.
It's such a bliss, 10/10, highly recommend!

Keywords: social media management, highly recommend, search, some, tweet, heard

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08:58 on 04/07/2022

TheOutcastCollective @OutcastCollectv (477 followers)

#InternshipOpportunity! 📢

Hello! We are looking for an intern interested in lead generation and business development. Internship will be paid and remote, for a period of 2 months starting immediately. If interested please write to communityworks@theoutcastcollective.com.

Keywords: lead generation, looking for, remote, starting, interested, paid

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