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02:41 on 03/30/2023

King Cat & Alien John @John56527188 (1.1K followers) (27.1K tweets)

Has everyone woke up to the fact, the weirdo's are trying to take our country away from us? Up to this point, we been sleep walking thru it. we really haven't realized how serious these Wacko's and the people in power are. Because if you haven't you better hurry.

Keywords: power walking ?, better

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23:26 on 03/29/2023

diablo traeluz, demon cat @DiabloTraeluzVT (463 followers) (113.6K tweets)

like i can't really ever understate that unless you're playing standard, magic is really expensive to get into, and standard by itself is so tightly controlled in power level that, outside of standout cards, you're not walking into modern with your standard deck that just rotated

Keywords: power walking, expensive

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