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21:56 on 06/01/2023

Fart Disco @TachyTechno (316 followers) (7.3K tweets)

arrested. Money returned upon court. OH has bail bondsmen. You put up property for the full amount, along with a bondsman fee. Total bullshit. Visited SC. Go to IN often. Everything is close together. Different land regulations/codes than KY. KY, it is required that so many trees

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01:18 on 06/01/2023

emotionally intelligent papi 🇯🇲🌹🇦🇮 @julianakilrose (5.8K followers) (169.1K tweets)

What the Atlanta solidarity fund was doing was the same thing that the several bondsmen in Atlanta have been doing forever, except that they provided bail money for free instead of trying to making money from incarceration, and it was dedicated to protestors

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