People On Twitter Ask About *Your* Product Every Day. Can You Afford To Ignore Them?


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Get New Clients  

Qureet uses Twitter to deliver new customer prospects direct to your email inbox.  It learns about your products so it can find the right people.  Even if you've never used Twitter before, it can provide lucrative sales every day.  Let Qureet do the heavy-lifting for you.  Key benefits:

  • Top leads sent to you IMMEDIATELY
  • Beat your competitors by engaging first
  • Keep leads by profile-keyword(s)
  • Drop leads by profile-keyword(s)
  • No generic leads - targeted to YOU
  • Pre-Populated Replies - For Maximum Efficiency
  • Lead Reports Viewable Online Daily
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Realtime Email Alerts

Monitoring your Twitter timelines, lists and columns in Tweet-Deck is attention-sapping and gives noisy results.  You can't possibly catch all the hot leads.  How about getting real-time email alerts about tweets from people looking for your exact product?  Look no further.  Other advantages:

  • Geo-Filtering (Country/City/Region)
  • Retweet-Power © Score For Each Lead
  • Zero-Risk - Try Our FREE TRIAL
  • Full Phone & Email Support
  • Secure SSL Credit-Card Payments
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Cancel At Any Time
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Three Easy Steps

1) Sign in via Twitter

2) Add your email address

3) Enter keywords about your product/service.

Next, a Qureet employee reviews your website, blog and social-media accounts.  This let us optimize Qureet for your specific products (this may take 1-2 business days).

Twitter is then monitored 24x7.  New leads are emailed to you in realtime!

LifeHacker.com describes Qureet as:

"A nifty tool to catch up on your backlog for power users"

Qureet is Multi-Lingual
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