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From LifeHacker.com - "a nifty tool to catch up on your backlog for power users"

Qureet also offers services for Lead Generation and Stock Market Sentiment.

Automated Lists

Twitter Lists are very useful, but creating and maintaining them is time-intensive.  Qureet creates and manages lists for you automatically, and with a different slant: instead of having people as list-members, the focus is on topics.  *Your* topics.

No More Columns

TweetDeck or HootSuite user?  You've probably setup countless columns: @mentions, #hashtags, searches, Twitter lists ...  but it doesn't scale, does it?  Qureet removes the need for columns.  Interesting tweets are automatically pulled into lists in a simple daily email.

Three Easy Steps

1) Sign in via Twitter
2) Add email address
3) Follow Topics (or TweetQureet learns them)
Twitter is then monitored 24x7 and your top tweets are emailed to you each day.

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Qureet is Multi-Lingual

Do you use Twitter in English, French, Spanish, Italian or German?  Qureet works with them all to help surface the best content on your timeline every 24 hours:

Parlez-vous français?  Un nouveau arrivant parmi les outils de veille, Qureet apprend ce qui vous intéresse le plus. Cela, pour vous aider à découvrir les meilleures tweets et actualités sur Twitter.  Recevez un email quotidien avec les nouvelles les plus importantes.

¿Habla español?  Qureet es capaz de aprender sobre tus intereses para ayudarte a encontrar las mejores noticias y mensajes en Twitter, y te enviara un resumen diario por email con los resultados mas relevantes.

Parli italiano?  Qureet impara i soggetti che ti interessano per aiutarsi a trovare le migliore notizie e messaggi su Twitter.  Ogni giorni riceverete una email con il riepilogo delle notizie più importanti.

Sprichst Du Deutsch?  Qureet lernt ständig mehr über deine Interessen. Es durchsucht jeden Tag deinen Feed nach den besten Tweets und sendet sie dir per E-Mail.

Qureet is written entirely in Go (also known as golang).  The backend and webserver initially ran on a Raspberry Pi!  Due to high demand, the Qureet platform is now hosted on beefier hardware.  I'm more than happy to chat about this in detail.

Full list of supported languages

English · Español ~ Spanish · Français ~ French · Deutsch ~ German
Italiano ~ Italian · Português ~ Portuguese · Nederlands ~ Dutch
Svenska ~ Swedish · Magyar ~ Hungarian · Türk ~ Turkish
Polish ~ język polski · Русский ~ Russian · Indonesia ~ Indonesian
עברית ~ Hebrew · 한국말 ~ Korean · العربية ~ Arabic · فارسی ~ Persian

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Qureet is Multi-Lingual
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