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Automate Your Audience

The key to success on Twitter is to gain lots of engaged followers who care about your content.  Doing this without breaking Twitter guidelines is intensive and SLOW.  Let Qureet automatically grow your audience for you!

Become A Thought Leader

Qureet first learns your key topics - from your Twitter footpring (and your website/blog, if provided).  Qureet then monitors Twitter for top content on those topics - retweeting them to your followers.  New followers are followed-back automatically for extra efficiency.

Three Easy Steps

1) Sign in via Twitter or email
2) Specify keywords (optional)
3) Wait for Qureet to go live.
Twitter is then monitored 24x7.  Top content is auto-magically retweeted onto your timeline.

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Qureet also offers services for Lead Generation and Stock-Market News.

Qureet is Multi-Lingual
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