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20:23 on 03/12/2023

sophie @futuresoph (741 followers) (12.5K tweets)

Hello! Iā€™m offering my professional organiser & PA services in exchange for reviews to build my business.

If you need help with tasks such as; file organisation, calendar/email management, note taking, invoicing, project/trip planning etc, send me a message!

Thank you šŸ˜Š

Keywords: offering email, project management, invoicing, need, business, help, reviews, send, planning, services, build, šŸ˜Š, professional, message, file, note, exchange, tasks

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14:45 on 03/14/2023

Dr. Cici | Health Writing Consultant @NCbassey (2.1K followers) (20.1K tweets)

O. Organize your business.

Get your samples and portfolio ready to share.

Plan your invoicing (I recommend Refrens or Google Docs).

Collect reviews and recommendations.

Create outreach templates.

Keywords: business ready, invoicing, recommend, recommendations, reviews, Create, share, Collect, Plan, Google

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