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17:57 on 11/22/2022

Ren 💜❤️ SCVI BRAINROT @moosekababs (1.2K followers) (205.2K tweets)

and then when you ask them for nutrition advice they're like "oh have you tried the bananas and apple cider vinegar cleanse???" like THANKS BECKY your anorexia lite diet plan sounds great and super safe for literally everyone regardless of their situation!!!

Keywords: cleanse diet ?, for great, advice, plan, safe, super

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13:32 on 11/23/2022

Reid Anderson | 🏋️‍♂️ NASM Trainer @Reid_HF (3.8K followers) (4.6K tweets)

You don't need a juice cleanse.

You don't need burpees

You don't need more HIIT workouts

You don't need a 400 calorie/day starvation diet

You need to be more consistent walking, sleeping 8 hours, drinking water, eating fruits, emphasizing protein, and strength training.

Keywords: day diet cleanse, need, eating, drinking

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