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Perform Meaningful Twitter Curation With Go

Perform Meaningful Twitter Curation With Go

Wave after waves of tweets can be overwhelming. Twitter Curation with Go can help.

I discovered Twitter a few years ago, and I’m a big fan of the random interactions it enables. As I learned more, I realised that Twitter can be a huge timesink. Certainly, there’s useful content being shared every day. But it tends to be buried amongst thousands of other updates that are – shall we say – less than relevant to my needs. Twitter is NOISY!

A particular love of mine is the Go programming language (also referred to as Golang). Since everything about TweetQureet is implemented using Go, this is a theme I return to elsewhere in this blog. As my network grew on Twitter, I saw that there were dozens of interesting #golang tweets each day on my newsfeed. But I didn’t have time to scan my timeline every few minutes to find them all.

“Isn’t there an easy way to get all those Go tweets sent to me automatically?” I wondered. Ofcourse, there are Twitter lists. Also, various free-to-use tools let you setup Keyword Filters. But – coder that I am – I wanted an automated solution.

What if, in 3 months’ time, the Go language has become less interesting to me and Python takes over as my language of choice? ["Fat chance!!" - Ed.] … Still, it could happen. I don’t want to have to update my lists & keyword filters every time my focus shifts. “Can’t a tool just figure out my topics automatically?” – I wondered.

That’s how TweetQureet was born. It’s an automation solution for Twitter Curation with Go. On a social network whose timeline is a firehose, Qureet filters out a trickle of the most relevant content for you – automatically. You’ll get the best stories from your timeline each day – delivered to your email Inbox. If there’s more stories than fit in a single email, the email breaks out into individual Timeline Pages.

There’s a timeline page for your full set of top tweets for that day. Then, there are individual timelines for each major subject area. So, you’ll get a unique web page with a tweet stream for each of your topics – fresh every day. TweetQureet continuously learns what you’re most interested in and puts those topics front-and-center of your email digest.

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