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Why I Built Qureet

Why I Built Qureet

Hi. I'm Andrew Bonello - a programmer-turned-entrepreneur.

Qureet.com gets you closer to what you’re looking for on Twitter. But why did I create it? I’m Andrew – a computer-programmer turned startup-founder. I worked professionally in Film Effects, Post-Production and Artificial Intelligence for many years – before deciding to focus on my own ventures in 2010.

I wrote Qureet to combat the information overload that is seeping into more and more facets of our online lives. Social networks have undoubted value, but they are addictive and noisy, and can turn into a huge time-sink.

Since I’m unable to write even halfway-decent computer code if I’m checking my Twitter timeline every 15 minutes, I wrote Qureet to find me the stories I wanted to read each day – without having to maintain lists and filters.

Qureet uses machine learning techniques under the covers to discover your top interests as they evolve each and every day. It builds a unique webpage each day, listing all the tweets from your followers matching any of your topics. You’ll get a daily email summarizing that day’s activity on Twitter.

I’m a big fan of technology, but I worry that the way it’s being used today is co-opting us into a dehumanized way of living that we don’t consciously choose. With Qureet, my hope is to bring people closer together. It does this by connecting each person with the tweets and tweeps they care about the most, rather than spitting out a huge firehose of content and hoping for some hits.

I wrote Qureet entirely in the Go Programming Language (aka golang), which I discovered while working at Google. Go has really grown in the last 4 years, and has a very active online community.

Beyond writing software, I love film, European languages, cycling, and psychology. If I could, I’d write code on the beach every day. Insufficiently-bright LCD screens are the only thing stopping me. Do you have any suggestions? ;o)

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