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07:27 on 06/01/2023

Mr Carnivorous Spartivore đźĄ© @CharlesStassi (2.0K followers) (1.9K tweets)

The American Academy of Pediatrics aims to tackle childhood obesity

With meds & surgery instead of addressing kids' diets.

Seriously? Asinine!

Let's prioritize teaching healthy eating habits, not relying on quick fixes.

Our children deserve better!


Keywords: healthy diets ?, better

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19:00 on 06/02/2023

Daniel Tawfik @dantawfik (4.3K followers) (3.1K tweets)

Exercise prevented all the negative effects associated with high-protein diets.

While the human and animal data suggest that increased protein intake is bad for metabolic health, some people consuming the highest protein levels–athletes–are metabolically very healthy.

Keywords: healthy diets, some, suggest

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