Lead Generation on Twitter - Connect With Potential Customers Every Day.

Who's it For?

If you run a business and have a presence on Twitter, there are ample opportunities to connect with potential clients and other service providers in your field.  But have you spent time on Twitter trying to search for these top leads?

Key Benefits

Trawling your timeline, lists and filters in Twitter is hit and miss.  You can't possibly catch all the hot leads.  What if you could receive a tailored email each day, containing tweets by people looking for your exact product?  Look no further.

Three Easy Steps

1) Sign in via Twitter  2) Add an email address  3) Specify your product keywords and top interests - or let TweetQureet learn them for you.  Twitter is then monitored 24x7. The best leads each day are sent to you by email.

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About TweetQureet

Do you use Twitter in English, French, Spanish, Italian or German?  TweetQureet works with them all to help surface the best content on your timeline every 24 hours:

Parlez-vous français?  TweetQureet apprend ce qui vous intéresse le plus pour vous aider à découvrir les meilleures messages et actualités sur Twitter.  Chaque jour, il vous enverra un email avec les nouvelles les plus importantes.

Habla español?  TweetQureet aprende lo que más te interesa para ayudarle a encontrar los mejores noticias y mensajes en Twitter.  Se le enviará un resumen diario por email todos los dias.

Parli italiano?  TweetQureet impara i soggetti che ti interessano per aiutarsi a trovare le migliore notizie e messaggi su Twitter.  Ogni giorni riceverete una email con il riepilogo delle notizie più importanti.

Sprichst Du Deutsch?  TweetQureet lernt ständig mehr über deine Interessen. Es durchsucht jeden Tag deinen Feed nach den besten Tweets und sendet sie dir per E-Mail.

TweetQureet is written entirely in Go (also known as golang).  The backend and webserver is running on a Raspberry Pi sitting behind a cable router.  I'm more than happy to chat about this in detail.

Contact Andrew

I'm Andrew - a creative coder who loves using technology to automate the activities that sap our daily energy.  You can find out more at main homepage.  I'm very keen to get new Beta users for TweetQureet onboard.  Get in touch with me by email with any comments or questions.